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Return to Football - It's Finally Here!!

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Well the green light has been given to training starting for Community Sports and we are ready and raring to go!!

The great news is that we will be starting all competitions in July and we will be running a full season for all programs with the season now running from July until late October/November.

We are currently in COVID-19 Stage 2 Restrictions and we are allowed to recommence training with a MAXIMUM of 20 participants (this includes players and parents at the venue).

PLEASE NOTE: The Football COVID Safe Industry Plan was approved Thursday June 4 and there will be circumstances where we will be able to have more than 20 participants, but there are also strict rules in place (including marking training areas, separate entry and exit for each field, sanitising stations,etc.) so we’ve decided to start training with 20 per venue from MONDAY JUNE 8, and at this stage we have all teams training ONCE PER WEEK (for the first couple of weeks and then we will open up more facilities as we feel comfortable that COVID Safe activities are occurring).

MiniRoos, Juniors and Seniors will start this week. Hatchlings and Fledglings will NOT start until Stage 3 which will most likely be from Thursday 16 July (this is when full contact will be allowed).

Please see the Training Allocations for your team. Please note that in Stage 2 THERE IS NO CONTACT so training sessions have been cut back to focus on fundamentals and core skills only.

We are also making some changes to our car parks and venue for Stage 2 restrictions – the front car park (on Klumpp Rd) is being converting to a DROP OFF and PICKUP ZONE – parents will be asked to remain OUTSIDE OF THE OPERATING VENUE – see Site Plan – so we are asking parents to drop off and pickup in that zone and then park either next to the Child Care Centre, rear car park or the Translink car park across the road. Please be aware there is NO PARKING allowed in the front car park.

Please see the attached Drop Off Zone plan – please ensure that you drop off and pick up from these points – JUNIOR PLAYERS MUST ENTER AND EXIT via these gates. Please note that if you come onto the venue you must be recorded with your name, address and phone number and if we exceed 20 people in the venue we will have to stop training!!

There are also some very important things that you should be familiar with before you attend your first training session – these protocols that are effective immediately:


IF YOU ARE UNWELL – STAY HOME – DO NOT COME TRAINING if you are feeling unwell!!

ARRIVE NO MORE THAT 5 MINUTES BEFORE YOUR SESSION – if you do you must remain in your car until that time!!

PARKING (JUNIORS) - All Junior Players will have access to a DROP OFF & PICK UP ZONE (see Drop Off Zone plan) that will replace the current car park fronting KLUMPP RD – THERE WILL BE NO PARKING ALLOWED IN THIS AREA – please do not sit in your car and wait in the drive through zone. Parking will be available in the area next to the Child Care Centre, the rear car park (behind the scoreboard – entry via Southern Cross Club) or the Translink Park and Ride (across the road). ALL JUNIOR PLAYERS MUST ENTER VIA THE DESIGNATED ENTRANCE AT THE END OF THE DROP OFF ZONE

PARKING (SENIORS) - All Senior Players must park in the rear car park (behind the scoreboard - entry via Southern Cross Club). ALL SENIOR PLAYERS MUST ENTER VIA THE DESIGNATED ENTRANCE BETWEEN FIELD 2 AND FIELD 6 (SMALL FIELD)



ATTENDANCE – coaches will be required to record the attendance of every person inside the venue (maximum of 20 persons allowed)

USE SANITIZER – players must use hand sanitizer (provided) at the START of the session and at the END of the session

BRING OWN WATER BOTTLE – there is no sharing of water bottles – players must bring their own – taps and bubblers are NOT to be used

BRING YOU OWN BALL (JUNIORS) – every player must bring their own ball to training – there is NO sharing of footballs.

NO USE OF BIBS – the use of bibs or sharing of any equipment is not allowed under Stage 2

FIELD 2 ONLYDO NOT USE ANY OTHER FIELD – under our COVID Safe plan we have only reopened Field 2 (see the attached map) – all other facilities remain CLOSED

PLAYERS AND COACHES ONLY – there are to be no additional people at training - “others” can remain in cars so they are not considered to be “on venue”

ABSOLUTELY NO CONTACT – there is NO CONTACT in Stage 2 – no tackling, no handshakes, high fives etc!!

NO HEADING OF THE BALL – during Stage 2 heading of the ball is NOT allowed

SOCIAL DISTANCING – please ensure that you social distance (1.5m) at all times

NO DRESSING ROOMS – dressing rooms WILL NOT be opened – players must come ready to train

NO TOILETS – toilets will not be opened


LEAVE IMMEDIATELY AFTER TRAINING – do not delay, once training is finished you have 5 minutes to leave the venue

SANITIZE EQUIPMENT – coaches to sanitize all equipment used at the end of the session (using sanitizer provided)




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