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Hawks Announce Huge Family Discounts for 2019

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

Mt Gravatt Hawks FC is pleased to announce that it is launching a huge family discount for families, because we believe that families that play Football together stay together.

This new initiative is not only designed to make football more affordable and cheaper for families, but we also want to encourage adults to get active and start playing in one of many social teams including Men's and Women's City League and O35 and O45 competitions.

So we encourage all mums and dads to come put on the boots in 2019 and play football at Hawks, or if you are already playing then bring the family for Hawks to qualify for the new Family Discounts.

To qualify for the new Family Discount Package in 2019, you need to play Senior Football at Hawks in 2019, either City League, O35s or O45s, and your kids also play in a Junior Team at Hawks.

Adult Men and Women Players will receive a HUGE discount and additionally, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Junior Players also receive our normal $60 discount per player - making this one of the most attractive and affordable Family Discounts - because at Hawks families are important.

So come on Mums and Dads....put your boots on and join your kids playing at the best family club on the Southside!!



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