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ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW: 2019 Registration

Sign-on for the 2019 season has now opened. This season, Football Federation Australia (FFA) has changed the registration system. Player registration for Mt Gravatt Hawks FC is now a TWO part system. Follow the steps below to register with Mt Gravatt Hawks FC this season.

PART 1: Register with Mt Gravatt Hawks FC

Simply select the appropriate link below and complete your online registration. This is where you pay your registration fees using the online payment gateway.

JINGA Futebol* (U3 - U8):

ALDI MiniRoos Kick-Off* (U4 - U9):

ALDI MiniRoos (U8 - U11):

Juniors (U12 - U16):

Seniors (Capital League/ Youth/ City League/ O35):

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not complete payment or select 'Pay @ Club' or are using a Get Started Voucher or are using Zip Pay, then simply close your browser at the PayPal Payment Gateway and contact the club (we will have your registration details already).

*JINGA Futebol and ALDI MiniRoos Kick-Off registrations are finalized once you have paid your fees. There are NO additional steps.

PART 2: Register with (Football Federation Australia - FFA)

**THIS IS ONLY FOR ALDI MiniRoos (U8 - U11), JUNIORS (U12 -U16) and SENIORS ONLY**

Important: Please do not pay your registration fees via the FFA website - we will pay the fees on your behalf.



Below is the link to the website with all the instructions:

Step 1: Find your club

Search for your club and click on “Start Registration” to find your club’s registration page.

Choose - Mt Gravatt Hawks FC

Step 2: Create your Football Account

Instead of using your FFA number to access the registration system, you will now need a Football Account. If you do not already have one you can create one very easily using your email address, Facebook login or google login.

IMPORTANT: You will not be able to claim your participant history if your email address or social media login does not match the email address used for registrations on the old MyFootballClub.

Step 3: Claiming your Participant History

After logging into your Football Account you will be presented with a list of matching profiles from MyFootballClub where the email addresses match. You must link any profiles at this stage in order to register them to a club in the future.

Step 4: Registering

Once you have claimed your Participant History you will be able to register any of the linked family members on your account or signup additional people.

You will need to add a new photo when you register (please make sure you have a passport type digital photo available for upload).

NOTE: You DO NOT pay any fees as part of this process and the invoice sent to you is NOT payable as Mt Gravatt Hawks FC will pay those fees on the invoice on your behalf (you must have paid your Registration Fees to Mt Gravatt Hawks FC before your registration will be approved).

Getting Help

Visit the Play Football Support site for useful resources or to submit a support ticket.

Call the support desk on 02 8880 7983: Monday-Friday 9am - 9pm AEST


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